First let me just say Congratulations!!! I personally found my true love over ten years ago and its been an unbelievable journey so far. There is something simply magical about a couple’s wedding day, and playing my role in that day is such an honor. It truly is humbling.
— Shaun Anders

a Wedding Story

Shaun Anders.jpg

My passion for wedding photography begins with the story of the day. That day two people who have fallen in love come together to celebrate that love. A day filled with the little details like pre-ceremony jitters, the first look, the first kiss, the moment they say "I do", their first dance and cake in the face. I'm a nut for all of it especially the celebration of that love. 

I shoot in a photojournalistic style because of my passion for your story. My goal is always to document your beautiful wedding day from start to finish, telling your story though an artistic eye.  

Five facts about me:

1.     I am married to my best friend and she is the secret to my success. I am sure my path would have been 100 times harder without her encouragement and sacrifice. 

2.     I love New York City in the fall, and Hawaii pretty much any time. 

3.     My first car was a forest green 1962 Studebaker Lark Cruiser and it was awesome. 

4.     I am a connoisseur of wedding cake.  

5.     Oh, and I’m a hugger.

All kidding aside… I love what I do and am passionate about it. It’s an awesome responsibility to capture your wedding day in a way that lets you replay the magic of that day over and over. While I like to have fun and be silly at times, I promise you that I will always take that responsibility seriously to highest degree.  

I have always had an open door policy…  so if there is anything else you want to know, just ask…